Your first beer

For those new to Effin Artistry, a little explanation is order. We are an acquired taste, much like your first beer. Hang with it. In seven or so posts, (along with a few shots probably, but we can’t comment on that as our sobriety was pretty much the impetus for this whole quixotic adventure known as, you’ll be hooked.

Here are a few of the highlights of things past:

Nov. 3, 2013

Today we will attempt our first chocolate tempering hopefully void of temper tantrums (we did yoga in our undies this morning to properly connect with our primal energy and earthy power… By we I mean me… The better half is on a different state… Literally… All together and can’t be accused of conspiracy).


Today’s items… Dark choc peanut butter truffles and lemongrass infused almond joy truffles.

Stay tuned!

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First things first… the folks at Effin Artist are feeling quite pleased with themselves after their mocking header SPAM ALERT, actually kept a reader from opening the file! That made us all really happy. Simple minds and all that. We know, we know… spams are nothing to mock, the insidious cancer-like creatures of the cyberworld, but… it’s like “pull my finger.” No matter how many times hear it, you still gotta laugh.

NEXT: The voluminous response of ideas to our key ingredient –buttermilk– nearly crashed our website. We called in technicians late in the early morning hours to avert a crisis and were relieved when we learned the trouble was fixed. Turns out the cricket-like echo was not an overload of traffic, but in fact, a virtual black out of interest. 
One suggestion did make it to the kitchen, from a snarky little chip off the ole block in South San Francisco. Without a better idea, we actually took his. Can you guess from this photo what it was:
Inline image 1
Yep… the southern classic of RED VELVET CAKE! 
Anyway, we of course, immediately, send the ideas noted in the post above right into the round file and set out in search of our own personalized creation. First, we opted for cupcakes not cakes, and second, we sought a distinctly original flavor.
Day one we tried our version, modified from several others. We then tried two different frostings, one vanilla and one with a hint and sprinkle of cinnamon, a fan favorite from years gone by when the only two spices available were stolen garlic and stolen cinnamon. Garlic seemed perhaps a bit out of place.
Here is the result:
Inline image 2
A panel of tasters determined that the cakes were a bit… not dry, but not up to snuff. The frosting were delightful, though again lacking the artistry but more than making up for it with plenty of EFFin. The cinnamon topped our charts, but in the end nothing distinguished.
DAY TWO: We decided to personalize our project a bit more in search of the ever elusive artistry essential for a role on the soon-to-be-released roster of Symbolic of the two testers at work here, we chose to recast our red velvet into PINK velvet. We also chose to Italianize it so my wife would also be represented. We did this by adding mascarpone and using Ghiradelli chocolate.
If one searches the cyber world, Pink Velvet cupcakes are largely fraudulent. They are simply vanilla with pink food coloring. These would be authentic with the three main ingredients of chocolate, buttermilk and vinegar. Ours would be authentic!
The result:
Inline image 4
Let’s just say the process continues. ART cannot be rushed. But these tasted effin delightful. A new cupcake is born! 
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