That frosting stuff ain’t no joke

In the aftermath of the test kitchen’s exploration for its signature Italian Pink Velvet Cupcake, one critical part of the Artist part of our EffinArtist creation was frosting those little buggers. Turns out those little swoops and swirls take a bit of a skill that, for the most part, eludes us.

Here was our best effort. Note, the reason why four cupcakes are shown s the other eight were cupcakes only a mother could love.


We could post a photo gallery of more laughable ones, but we’ll spare us the humiliation. Our children gave us enough of that one simply said, “I need to show you how to frost.” She’s correct. Here’s her much better effort:


Who’d have thought this would be so difficult? Clearly some of the EFFinArtist skill skipped a generation. But, we do have the EFFin part down. As my brother said, “you got more effin than artist.” So true.

With that said, the Italian Pink Velvet Cupcakes are to die for. Effin delicious even if they don’t look so hot. It took four tries and a terrifyingly fast weight gain of three pounds, and the process continues to evolve. But… BUT… we think these are truly unique that actually stick to the basic principle ingredients of chocolate, buttermilk and vinegar, but are still PINK and ITALIAN. In fact, these are were so damn good we’ll have to give this a post of its very own in the very near future.


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