Practice? We talkin’ about practice, man

Remember Allan Iverson’s famous rant? At the height of his all-star basketball career, his outburst to sportswriters became a famous rant — perfectly embodying our cultural ethos.

Recall it here… it gets better as he warms up.

“We talkin’ about practice man, not a game. Practice. We talkin’ about practice.”

Iverson’s interview struck a chord because it embodies American ideals. Practice doesn’t matter. Results matter. The journey is irrelevant. The final score is all that’s remembered.

Yet, if I learned anything in yoga it’s the importance of “the practice.” Being rather than doing. What you do, you do to do it as well as you can, without worry of how others do it. You become an observer of yourself, watching your practice and celebrating what your body can do, what your hands achieve, without concern of someone else’s hands or someone else’s body. That’s what EffinArtistry is all about.

This practice mentality has spurred me to learn the guitar, simply to enjoy the practice. To celebrate a well-played chord or note. Forget a whole song or some type of performance. My practice isn’t there and I don’t really care if it ever is. I tell friends and family all the time that I love playing guitar, I just don’t play for people.

Likewise I’m learning Spanish. Poorly, probably. But the practice is the reward.

And of course, everything in the test kitchen is at its bottom line about the practice. Chocolate is an art form. One that takes a tremendous amount of practice. Yet talk about celebrating the practice! I’ve never known anyone yet who didn’t enjoy the samples we’ve made, regardless of how short of true artistry they may fall. Our latest made a nice late November pumpkin themed birthday gift. It was just practice, but it tasted good and the recipient seemed to like them. What’s not to love? And guess what? Nobody kept score.

If something is worth doing, its worth doing well, yes. But doing it well is what you do every time you do it consciously, in practice, and celebrate where you are at this moment in your life without regard for where you someday may be.

Because we are talking about practice man.


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