Thanksgiving leftovers

Ah the things we learned this holiday in the test kitchen.

Most notably, smoking a turkey takes practice,and a cub scout merit badge apparently. My brother is a cubbie alum, and has practice in the art of bird smoking. Hence:


Me on the other hand, was never a cubbie. I think they banished me or something. My rebel years started early. Hence:

2013-11-28 09.51.56

Back to the test kitchen on this one.

However, the leftover use of fairly tasty yet dry turkey helped redeem the effort. A turkey and spinach quiche made great use of leftover food and the extra pie crust I didn’t need and didn’t have plans for. A thin layer of homemade cranberry sauce painted the crust adding a nice flavor burst and a top layer of lightly melted marscapone gave it a moist silky texture.

A smoked turkey stir fry blended the strong aroma of the turkey with equally distinct asian flavors.

Lots going on in the test kitchen this weekend to make sure nothing goes to waste!

What’s your favorite leftover dish? Send us a reply.

And finally, hopefully you’ve avoided black Friday, now belching through Thanksgiving like a drunk unwelcome guest, shopping sales on the weekend and if that’s not enough to clutter your life and deplete your bank account, cyber monday, of course launching on Sunday. Sigh…

Reduce, reuse, recycle, regift, restore and reclaim. It’s a better way.


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