Just do it: Outside and blood moving

It’s cold out there. I know it. I know how empty and cold that street looks. I know how that first bite will feel on my skin. I know the muscles will grown louder at first. I know the breath will feel like wet sand in my chest. I know all of this begs me to stay inside here by the fire where its warm. My mind churns intensely with excuses and rationalizations until I finally just tell it all to be still.

I lace up the shoes, pull on the beanie and the gloves and go outside. Five minutes later as I jog down slippery streets, I’m so glad I did.

I wonder often why I have to run that gauntlet of internal opposition every time I go to work out. It’s been with me for years. It started 100 pounds ago and has never really let up.

But I learned one way to silence it. I simply, sharply tell myself to “Just do it.” Perhaps this is the greatest slogan ever written, because three words rarely say so much. I say just do it and it silences the drone of opposition. Case closed.

Maybe you are still weighing the changes you want to make this New Year. Don’t over think. Just do it. You don’t need a perfect plan, just a plan. You don’t need the greatest results, you just need to see it through for a while and the results will come.

Here’s my plan for the next couple of months. Follow along with me. Email me and I’ll send you daily encouragement. I’ll do it with you. Whatever works really.

Just do it:



  • 100 Push-Ups anywhere, anyway, as many sets as you need….
  • Run 3 miles


  • 20 Crunches, 20 Bicycle Crunches, 20 Scissor Kicks, 20 Leg Raise, 20 Hip Extensions
  • Afternoon bike ride


  • 30 Forward Lunges (15 each leg), 40 Side Lunges (20 each leg ) 30 Reverse Lunges (15 each leg)
  • Yoga or fitness video


  • Run hills 3 miles


  • 50 Triceps Push-ups, 50 Triceps Dips, power curls
  • Afternoon bike ride


  • Regular and Each Side Plank (I do a 3x3x30 plank… continuous, regular, side to side, 30 second each, no rest or just 10 seconds if needed… do it three times)
  • Run slow, flat 5 miles

Saturday: off


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