Note to bloggers: Help me, help you. Help me…

If you are out there in blog land, perhaps you can help me out. Up until a few days ago I used to have this nifty little thing at the bottom of my posts as I wrote them up. It suggested tags and it also suggested a host of other columns that related to my topic. I liked this. It was one way I could show off some you fellow bloggers without having to work that hard at it (honesty is the key to my sobriety… so, well let’s face it, the not work too hard thing is pretty important).

Well like most things I like and find easy, it disappeared. Poof! Gone! I have no idea where it went. I tried to be responsible and go through the whole support mumbojumbo, but I got to this part about “put this code in to this…” and I curled into the fetal position.

So… if you can speak to me in English and tell me something to bippidity boppitdy boop get that back, I’d love you. Real, deep heart-felt love. And I’d even go the extra mile to find your column to link to next time. Promise. Really… ok, I’ll try to remember to do that. That’s more honest.

Anyway, as the great Jerry McGuire said, “help me, help you.”

By the way, if you don’t want to reply and all that, just drop me an email at I promise I won’t spam you or add you to my Hotel California email exchanges that keep my family hostages. I’ll do none of that.

Scouts honor.


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