WeBromance- Breaking my own rules for Sorted

I’ve written before how I try to avoid the really successful foodie websites and shows. I’m not a fan of the whole cult of personality of cooking. I mean it’s food, right? It should be inclusive, not just another area where the stars burn brightest and the rest of us bow to their greatness.

BUT… there’s always a but… I found a hugely successful foodie website that is successful because its awesome. If you want to see how to make a thing good, watch this. The food is great. The videos are excellently produced and well, they crack me up. Seriously, food is fun and this site makes it fun.

What is it about an English accent that’s so funny? God I wish I knew. I wish I could get away with faking one so people would think I’m funny. A swarthy Italian with a British accent? Crikey that’s funny!

Anyway, I stumbled on to these when I steered the Test Kitchen toward Cronuts. When they talk about the “pansy” rabbit about to get skinned, I nearly wet myself.

They just seem like guys who back in my drinking days would be fun to hang out with. I realize that’s idealistic. They will probably sue me once this posts because of some copyright law and I’ll think they’re a bunch of A-holes. But for now, the WeBromance continues.


Also, the Test Kitchen finished phase one of Cronuts. The dough looks like its supposed to as its “gone off to have a sleep.” We’ll see what the next step brings.

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