And folks say I’m wasting my time

My kids won’t admit it, but I stress them out a bit. I’m nowhere near retirement age but I sure dotter around like a retiree. I keep telling them I’m training for grand-parenting and they keep reminding me there aren’t any grand-kids yet.

Even though they enjoy these Effin Artist creations and musings and what not, I think they’d much prefer I spend more time writing the boring stuff I write that actually brings in a paycheck.

It’s not a bad point, but eh… they really needn’t worry. As the great Bob Marley said, “everything’s gonna be alright…”

Besides I’m far more productive than 535 so-called exemplars of success and American respect. I’m talking about Congress, the 100 Senators and 435 members of House who we elect and pay and then coddle, all in the hope they will do this little thing like represent our interests in government.


Now that’s a colossal waste of time.

I’ve been there. I covered these folks for a long time. I’ve seen the tail wag the dog. I’ve written about it and exposed it and argued for changes and it just kept circling the drain with the relentlessness of a tornado.

A photo of Speaker of the House John Boehner made its way around the blogosphere recently, with a caption that claims it costs taxpayers $30 million a day for Congress to be in session, yet it failed to pass a single jobs bill. As it turns out the numbers are slightly inflated. It really is about $16.7-$21.7 million a day. Might as well be accurate here, right?

As for the jobs bills, that was correct. It is zero. Just like the number of meaningful immigration reform bills or the extension of unemployment benefits for those most in need, or the number of bills that raise the minimum wage.

Right, right, these are the typical Lib/Dem faction laundry list. I get that. But other than repealing a law passed by the Legislative Branch and signed by the Executive Branch and validated by the Judicial Branch and then validated in a presidential election, the GOPers aren’t doing much either–though you have to admire the Don Quixote-like combination of zeal and delusion.

I’m not singling them out at all. Sen. Harry Reid’s Senate passed just 16 laws last year, for goodness sakes. Believe me, this mockery should fall equally on both parties. I cooked it up with plenty to go around and lord knows I don’t like waste.

In a day and age when we stress our carbon footprint, recycling our trash and trying to be efficient, our Congressional leaders provide a starkly absurd counterpoint. We may want to live with hoof-to-head wholeness and health, but our leaders are profligate wasters. And we pay them to be. We pay these millionaires (oh yeah… did you catch the latest report about how for the first time in history, the median net worth of Congress tops a million bucks?) to do nothing. It costs us millions every day for them to do nothing. They in turn pay staff that cost even more millions to help them do nothing.

So I tell my kids not to worry so much. I may not get much done either, but I don’t cost millions of dollars a day to do nothing. And hey, I made Teddy Bear Claw Croissonuts the other day.

From a truly cost-benefit outcome, I’d put me way ahead of John Boehner anyday.


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