The bride joins Effin Artists effort with Ah ha of her own

Throughout these posts you’ve heard me write about my bride, the wonderful woman who puts up with my fiddling and futzing and too often complete EFFin fiddle futzing (my mother’s term, trademark pending). Isn’t it the great ancient love text (ironically penned by a celibate zealot) that said “love bears all things”? My bride bears all things, which with me is saying something.

Up until now she’s bear-ed all things quietly. She’s spent many a night, Pandora cranked up in the kitchen, cleaning up whatever concoction we created earlier that day. If you’ve seen my kitchen after I’ve made sauce, you know how truly incredible she is to do this.

She’s happy to lend a hand, clean up and like I said, leave the chatter to me.

Up until now. She’s found a voice of her own recently, lending it to the chorus of Effinartists, mostly on her facebook page, but also in the Test Kitchen and Workshop. I think her truly Ah-Ha moment came when after several experiments she created her own bath and body scrub from all natural ingredients.


That, I believe, is when she said, “Holy crap, I’m an EFFin ARTIST, man!”

And shortly after that is when she started writing and posting about it. And just after that is when I got an email that said “blog post.”

Message received. Welcome to the blog, dear. In the near future you’ll see posts from the bride. I think you’ll enjoy them. They are so not me. We couldn’t be less alike really, but that’s likely why we’ve been so happy together. She’s her, I’m me, we resist (mostly) the temptation to change that. I like her as her, which really isn’t all that unusual. Everyone likes her. She likes me as me, which if you knew me, is saying something. So I’m pleased she’ll soon lend her own voice to this celebration of art, life and recovery, because it’s a really great voice.  She’s like a modern day Donna Reed, which is really saying something. She’s also like a modern day Dr. Doolittle. Animals love her. She’s always talking to them and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t seem like they are talking back. One day sitting in our living room she turned her head and a deer was looking in at her. They just nodded like “hey..” I’m still amazed by it. So yeah, I think you’ll like her contributions, too.

When we first started, we intentionally put the confusing plural to the domain, because even then we envisioned a community of those celebrating art. There is only one Effin Artist. But the rest of us get to follow in Her divine footsteps and create something beautiful of our own each day. We are not soloists, but a vast choral group. So everyone is welcome to chime in with a note now and again. If you have one of these Ah-ha moments, drop us a line. Send us a photo. Share the creation.

We all have our moments, which is what was created to celebrate.


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