News From The Test Kitchen- Bran Muffins

Into the vast void I hollar, “I RULE!”

That was the result of Croissant Test Kitchen Week. I rule.

They were THAT good. And The Bride gave our youngest, who doesn’t even participate in this email chain, the sweepstakes package for no other reason than she’s the favorite.

OK… on to this week.

I’m focused on Bran Muffins. The challenge is three-fold. 1) They have to be moist. Bran muffins usually make desert sand look moist. 2) They have to be uber-healthy otherwise I might as well make a Teddy Bear Croissonut. 3) They have to look artistic. Let’s face it, most bran muffins look like ugly pine cones. My first trial batch tasted great, but there was as much artistry as a paint-by-numbers book.

So it’s on.

Good Night and Good Luck!

Effin Artist OUT.

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