Snake-handling TV preacher dies of viper’s bite

A snake-handling TV preacher died on Saturday of a snake bite.

Pastor Jamie Coots, the star of “Snake Salvation,” was bitten on the right hand at his Kentucky church, Middlesborough police said.

The Pentecostal holy man refused to go to the hospital or accept any medical treatment, police said.

Coots, whose show appeared on National Geographic’s television channel, believed snake handling was a commandment from God and a viper’s bite was God’s will.

“When I first started church I said if I ever went to a hospital or a doctor over a snake bite I would quit church,” Coots said in one episode.

via Pastor Jamie Coots, snake-handling TV preacher, dies of viper’s bite   – Daily News.

When you read this, what do you feel? I wondered what God felt. My mind took off for a little while on this thought. I finally pictured this well-intended (I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt) goofball showing up in heaven and God saying,

“You big dummy.”

And the good news is the nasty finger he let decay off him the last time he was bitten by one of snakes was healed. Because God is like that. She just shakes her head and puts us back together. For some, thank God, the process takes place on this side of heaven. For Jamie Coots, I like to think it’s taking place on the other side.

I just know God loves all us dummies too much not to do it, here or there.


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