Could This Baker Solve the Gluten Mystery? | Mother Jones

“What has been the staff of life is now perceived as the spirit of disease,” he says. “Symbolically, you can look at bread as a representation of our society through history,” he says. “If you look at gluten as what holds bread together, and you look at bread as what holds our society together, what is ‘gluten-free bread,’ then? Is it not a symbol of our times?” McDowell calls the rush away from bread as it’s commonly made now a “wake-up call” and “opportunity” for bakers to reestablish bread as a healthy, delicious staple. And he sounds genuinely undaunted by the project of doing just that.

via Could This Baker Solve the Gluten Mystery? | Mother Jones.

This story best sets the stage for a new periodic series I begin today, called The Wheat and the Chaff.

We live in a world where “Frankenwheat” has replaced a simple grain that once represented the one thing even the poor could count on to feed them. The Israelites survived on “manna” bread from heaven. American’s are dying because of the stuff the Gods of Our Food and Health (i.e., big business, their lobbies, and the politicians who eat campaign dollars out of the hands) feed us lab-created and modified, super-sized creations. We may not fully understand the full scope of the American Industrialized diet, but we know this: It’s killing us.

The fact that a “bread lab” — as the excellent story in Mother Jones points out — exists tells us all we need to know about how our futuristic food dream has lost its way. We left behind all that the God of creation, who transformed the fish and the loaves to sustain thousands, meant for us to create something far different.

The Wheat and the Chaff won’t be just about food, but about misinformation, with a heavy focus on food and health, two topics of importance to us at Thanks to the overwhelming tendency of Internet media and social networks to sing to the choir of their respective sides, much of what we read and write is about all the things we want to believe is true. The internet has become a noisy space filled with words — opinions run amok, mine included, I confess — that convince rather than educate far more often than not.

So we will take a look at compelling topics to sort out the best we can, the Wheat from the Chaff, the truth from the lies, the healthy stuff that makes us grow from the weedy stuff that tangles and deceives. If you have topics of interest you’d like us to look into, please reply below. We have a few in mind:

1) In a world where wheat bread is no longer true “wheat,” just what can those of us who love to make dough into food use that’s healthy and whole.

2) All the craze of fat burning remedies, including Dr. Oz’s latest wonder pill, Garcina Cambogia, will get a thorough, unbiased review.

3) Buying seeds that are still seeds, not lab creations.

4) and one personal pet peeve, what exactly are those “laws” that make us get new prescriptions for our eyes every two years when our glasses work just fine (ok… perhaps I’m losing my unbiased approach here because I’m looking through broken glasses with one lens and it’s irritating I can’t get a replacement without the added expense… sigh).

Anyway, you get my point. Misinformation rules the day. At least here a couple of time a week, we’ll separate the wheat and the chaff, allow others to post replies to bolster or disprove our work, give free forum to informed voices and try to take a few topics and end up with a few things we can “know” for sure.

Join us. Topics? Reply below. You are invited to join us and chime in.


4 thoughts on “Could This Baker Solve the Gluten Mystery? | Mother Jones”

  1. Sugars. Real, fake, high fructose corn syrup vs agave nectar. Really Sugar is sugar and even your body can’t figure out what in the heck to do with “fake calorie free sweetener”. Details

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