Take Action: BPA is Back

If reading yesterday’s post on BPA’s insidious and pervasive presence bummed you out as it did me, take heart (and if you missed it, double-back and check it out. I think it’s pretty important). Folks are taking action. Check out this email I received from the Environmental Defense Fund:

BPA is Back.

The shocking truth? It never left.

It might not be used in baby bottles anymore—but you can still find this dangerous endocrine disruptor in everything from cash register receipts to measuring cups.

Take Action: Tell Congress to protect our families from dangerous chemicals.

You may think you’re already protected from dangerous chemicals, but you’re not. In fact, many common household products—from household cleaners to computers to carpeting—could expose you and your family to potentially toxic chemicals.

There are tens of thousands of chemicals on the market. An estimated 1,500 of them are recognized as potential endocrine disruptors, like BPA. They can lead to a suite of health issues, from learning disabilities to obesity to infertility. And they are so ubiquitous that they are even found in the bloodstreams of newborn babies.

Take Action: Make sure your members of Congress know that protecting American families from exposure to harmful chemicals is important to you!

Thank you for your activism and support,

Heather Shelby, Action Network Coordinator

via Take Action: BPA is Back – 


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