WeBromance: About Andrew Wilder — Eating Rules

I’ve been doing a bunch of research for the Wheat and Chaff series that we recently launched. Granted, with only a couple of posts up so far, it’s hard to believe that I’m actually doing much of anything. But, do not despair, as Bill Murray said to his leaving girlfriend in Stripes, “Talk about mass potential for growth, I am the acorn that becomes the oak! Don’t leave… the plants will die…”

We can’t have the plants dying at EffinArtists.com so  hang in there. I will become the oak of the Wheat and Chaff series very, very soon.

BUT in the meantime, my studies (which by the way are nowhere near as fun as making chocolate and signs and restoring old furniture and rambling on about my neurotic needs to never throw away leftovers and avoid the big C at all costs…) led me to my latest and greatest WeBromance. But let me let my new imaginary best friend for life explain why you want to read his site, appropriately named “Eating Rules.”

The Really Short Version

I’ve loved real food long before the term “foodie” even existed, and recently decided to make healthful living and eating a primary focus in my life. In early 2009 I had my “ah-ha!” moment, and started eating better and exercising regularly.  It instantly started changing my life for the better, and I wouldn’t shut up about it.

Following my passion, I left a career in lighting design and started Eating Rules to help others find the same joy in healthful food (I now pay the bills by working as an internet consultant). In October 2011, I led more than 3,000 people in October Unprocessed, all pledging to eat no processed foods whatsoever for the month. In addition to the blog, I’m working on several related projects, including helping to end Food Deserts in Los Angeles and bringing healthier food to a popular Boy Scout camp on Catalina Island.

via About Andrew Wilder — Eating Rules.

You’ll be reading more of Andrew Wilder’s thoughts in upcoming Wheat and Chaff posts, but until then, check him out.

And come October, please join us as we join Wilder’s October Unprocessed. Very, very cool…

Back to work… back to the grind…

“baby steps, Bob, baby steps on the bus…”

(Name who said the above quote to whom and win absolutely nothing but a slow clap of Effin Artist appreciation.)


4 thoughts on “WeBromance: About Andrew Wilder — Eating Rules”

  1. His therapist whose name I don’t remember! And I don’t want to cheat by looking it up on the google. Except I just did and its Richard Dreyfuss which I should have known. He was great in this movie. And Mr. Hollands’ Opus.

    “Baby steps onto the bus bob” is heard often in my classroom. That and ” I don’t know, Todd!”

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