A burger that looks like a painting and tastes like art

I’ve often enjoyed taking basic food concepts, like quesadillas and hamburgers and pastas and making them exotic. The basic ingredient serves as a canvas to my culinary creation.  Over the years I’ve probably tried about 30 versions of hamburgers. I’m not alone, of course. Every foodie has their burger they like. I’ve even seen one made with Ramen noodles as the bun.

The other day though I made one and it felt, simply, as if I had arrived. It was beautiful, with the colors of the bun, the meat, the avocado, etc.

The topper was the bun, both figuratively and literally. I made it from frozen croissant dough I kept from a Test Kitchen a few weeks ago. The buttery, flaky dough as a burger bun… I’m at a loss for words. It sang like the angels.

Overall the tastes of our Effin Artist Spice Blend and the fresh vegetables and the locally raised organic beef just married together in a way that left me stunned when I bit into it. I then watched The Bride take a bit. Her eyes got wide and mouth still full she said, “Oh my god, this is amazing…”

It was art. Art you can eat. Which is what Effin Artist is all about. Like I said, I felt so “arrived.” Imagine that a simple hamburger could provide so much satisfaction.


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