Old school eggplant serves up fresh flavors

With Spring sprung, I’ve been trying to smash as many vegetables in our food plan every which way I can.

Part of this stems from a documentary binge I’ve wallowed in via Netflix. In the past couple of weeks I’ve watched:

  • Food Matters
  • Food Inc
  • Forks over Knives

I also watched a Vegan thing that frankly went the wrong way for me. Eating processed crap that’s called vegan doesn’t jibe with my own pursuit of hoof-to-head health. But the gluttony of documentaries kept pounding in a simple idea: Eat more vegetables, have fewer health problems.

Vegetarian apologist Joel Furham advocates a simple diet plan that he says cures your bodies ailment: For each 1 lb of raw vegetables, eat 1 lb. of cooked vegetables. He’s taken his fair share of attacks, but nobody gets sick eating more vegetables, and many do get well as Time magazine recently reported. He doesn’t mind much what you do to make the vegetables taste good, knowing that eating that much your tastes for health will align and you won’t be hungry for the crappy stuff that kills you.

This veggie brainwashing has taken hold. I’m still a dedicated omnivore who enjoys my bread and my desserts in moderation. But I now intentionally pack vegetables into my meals, every meal and especially snacks.

All of this is to promote an old school Italian way to get vegetables into your diet: the eggplant.

I use eggplants as much as I can because I love their versatility. For example, as a “pizza” appetizer:


Or straight-up on the grill.

Or my favorite, old-school fried eggplant.


Here’s the recipe: It’s easy and it’s fantastic.

Slice them into rounds about 1/2″ thick.

Lay out three bowls, one with flour, one with eggs beaten, one with Italian breadcrumbs.


Dunk each round in each bowl in order to fully coat.

Heat a thin layer of olive oil in a cast iron skillet. When warm fry no more than 3 rounds at a time. Don’t crowd them and keep the temp steady on your oil. Drain on a paper towel, lightly dust with sea salt and pepper and Parmesan cheese. Serve with your favorite Marinara sauce.


Get those vegetables into your diet anyway you can. Your life depends on it.


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