Proof God’s a woman: Emmenagogue herbs

Emmenagogue is one of those big words I’m learning in my holistic medicine courses that I can’t pronounce and struggle to understand. But what I did learn about this word is its proof God really is a woman.

Emmenagogue herbs are specific herbs for a women’s reproductive system. It’s amazing, when you think about it: plants grown from dirt — the same stuff God used to create us according to Genesis lore — with the specific purpose of helping ladies fulfill the mandate to “go forth and multiply.” But God in her caring empathy also cooked up some plant life to deal with the discomfort of menstruation and the hot flashes of menopause as well. Seriously, no man — not even God — would think of how necessary relief is in times like these. That’s what my husband would call hoof-to-head focus. God’s a hoof-to-head kind of gal, I’m learning.


I learned that specific herbs may assist a women for various problems related to the reproductive system. They can assist in stimulating or increasing menstruation flow. But other herbs can prepare a women for childbirth. Still others can assist to heal the body following childbirth.

When a women is pregnant it’s a good time for her to take stock of her lifestyle, and ensure that she is making the best health decisions for her and the growing fetus inside. Many herbs will provide you with the extra vitamin and nutrients that are required for a healthy pregnancy (for example Dandelion and Wild Strawberry will provide a pregnant woman with the daily requirements of iron and folic acid).  In that respect, it is important that she always checks with her healthcare provider if herbs will be used at anytime during pregnancy.

One other note: Just as there are many helpful herbs during a pregnancy there are also herbs that are contraindicated for pregnancy. Herbs like basil, licorice and yarrow should be avoided through breast-feeding.

Do your own personalized research on herbs. I’m learning it’s a good thing to consult a qualified herbalist, be it wanting to avoid a pregnancy, help start one, maintain a healthy one, or just better care for those female-related issues that we all deal with throughout our lifetime. The Big Woman Upstairs, it seems, has us all in mind, after all.


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