Essential experiments with essential oils

It’s been clearly stated here I’m not much for the kitchen. But I’m increasingly finding my own experiments that add beauty and peace to our lives, much like my husband’s artistic efforts. But my experiments now revolve around essential oils.

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways. I have only begun to scratch the surface of their use. The knowledge that I am gaining on a daily basis through my studies has given me the confidence to experiment in so many different ways in my home.

2014-02-15 14.15.16

Essential oils can be used to enhance baked dishes in the kitchen. For example, I recently substituted vanilla with the essential oil of Geranium in a batch of sugar cookies.

Geranium Sugar Cookies 2

The Geranium left a subtle, floral note to the taste of these light sugar cookies. My husband was very enthusiastic, saying they had a surprisingly elegant flavor. But one of my daughters pretty much ridiculed me. It seems there was no in between, but the oil created a new twist that leaves plenty of room for experimentation.

I have been using essential oils quite extensively in my bath products. For example, for the past six months I have been making my own bath salts and body scrubs. The essential oils of Lavender, Roman Chamomile and, on occasion,  Sandalwood have all been useful in my bath products. The scent allows me to escape into a world of relaxation. It calms the mind and reduces stressful thoughts.

Essential oils are not limited to the kitchen and bathroom in my home. I have started to use essential oils when washing clothes. I place a few drops of Lavender or Sweet Orange oil in the washing machine with my soap. It releases a very subtle scent to my freshly cleaned clothes. I also drop a few drops of Pine oil on a cotton ball and add this to my vacuum filter. The very woodsy pine scent floats throughout the room on cleaning day. Pine is fitting in our home, since we live in a mountain cabin at 2,500 feet elevation.

Not every experiment works. But in each my confidence grows. So, I continue to experiment. Lately I’ve been doing more with essential oil combinations. I am learning how to batch certain oils that complement one another (for example Lavender and Chamomile both have very calming properties).

It’s easy to see why they are called “essential.” I find myself relying on them more often than ever. Some just to add aromatic beauty, some to add new tastes, but more often than not, to add properties of health that essential oils contribute.


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