Dinner for Mom turns into impromptu test kitchen

I invited my mom for dinner the other day. A simple dinner. Pasta, bread. Italian food. No biggie.

Until I started cooking.

I decided to make the pasta.


Soon I was kneading a silky yellow 00 flour with Seminola pasta, flecked with fresh basil into beautiful dough balls. I felt inspired and turned to making bread. I went to my go-to bread, a multi-grain Sicilian bread that is hearty and full flavored.

Then I decided I wanted some dessert so made a Ghiradelli double chocolate chip concoction that demanded ice-cream. Out came the ice-cream maker.

2014-01-27 19.08.41

The whole plan started with a single eggplant, because I thought fried eggplant with my sauce would be a good mix.


So the process of frying the slices joined the baking bread the churning ice-cream maker and the rising pasta in a flour-dusted cacophony that filled my kitchen with life even though I was home alone awaiting my mother and step-father’s arrival.

I hadn’t intended to cook all afternoon. I hadn’t intended a lot of things. But I loved the result, which filled our table with incredible homemade delights. Everything could have been bought at a store and made in about 30 minutes.

No thanks. The four hours were well spent and the food was much, much better.

Besides, isn’t Mom worth it?



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