Effin Artist moments brighten enjoyment in any day

The text arrived from my middle daughter and said simply, “I”m an Effin Artist man!”

I couldn’t have been more proud.

She followed it with a photo of a reclamation project she had just completed in time for Fourth of July, turning a dirty old pallet into a beautiful American flag.

That she felt that AH-Ha moment is the reason this site exists and made it all the more special.

We are all creative beings. It’s what makes us connect to our humanity. If God (however you can imagine Her to be) is truly a God of creation, then we in His likeness are also people who are designed to create. We are works of art, simply put, who create art ourselves.

Yet something in this (seemingly at times, God forsaken) world is hellbent on beating all creativity out of us. We hear the word “can’t” when it comes to creativity far more than can. We focus on our in-excellence instead of our effort being the excellent thing in its own right.

Perhaps, most simply, this is why we are people who have built mountains of trash in landfills and so little comparatively of things of true meaning that last.

Effin Artist moments are those times when the bonging drum of negativity in our head that attacks our best effort like an angry shop teacher pointing out all our flaws is silenced by a simple beautiful thought, “I’m an Effin Artist man!”

In this moment we feel the sanctification of oneness with our creator and oneness with our purpose and congruence with our true selves It’s a beautiful moment and here’s to many more of them in all our lives.

For those that want to put on the stars and stripes a bit this weekend, here is my daughter’s instructions on how to make a flag of your own:

I ran across a picture of this on Facebook and figured with my extra time and all the pallets in our yard it would be easy to recreate. I knew it could be  cuter than normal garden/front porch decor.

Very easy! I just picked the shades of colors I wanted to use and started painting. Used an old sponge to cut out a star stencil, and stamped them after the blue paint dried. Ready for the fourth and the whole project cost less than 10 dollars. Wallah!”

And Dad is very proud indeed.


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