Dream Ecology T-shirts capture spirit of San Francisco

We ran into Kelsey Rice at the end of a great morning at the Ferry Building in San Francisco on Saturday morning. Well, we made it a point to run into him at his Dream Ecology booth. His artwork so caught the bride’s attention that she made a point of finding his booth and directing me to it.



Immediately I saw a T-shirt I wanted. I made a mental note to return after the paychecks arrive.

Rice is unique because he sells T-shirts of his own design and own making, but he takes his ideas from his woodwork. Many of the designs he takes from his ideas from woodcuts, a truly unique approach to take. As soon as I saw them I thought, “he’s an Effin Artist man.”

What makes them unique? They scream local, not tourist, which likely means the tourist will soon be all over them (I’m sure he won’t mind at all!) They are hand-dyed giving the colors of the shirts a unique character. The wine colored sweatshirt with torn top has a sort of retro Flashdance feel.  The Bride needs that.

He has a brownish tint with orange lettering that I simply have to have.

They have a San Franpsycho feel, but a much better price.  I dig San Franpsycho. Don’t get me wrong; I mean this as a compliment.

The whole process of working with wood and using that for T-shirts that are hand-dyed offer a holistic approach to the art that you have to respect.

Better yet, go online and buy one. I suspect you’ll not be disappointed.


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