Next generation of Effin Artistry thrives

Yeah, we’re proud. Effin proud, The Bride and I. “The Youngest One,” as The Bride calls her is an Effin Artist, man.

She’s been dabbling in various artistic expressions for several years. She loves to sing and she especially loves to act. As  kid she performed fearlessly in talent shows and joined a Cirque du Soleil camp where she performed swinging above our heads. But she also has fooled around with drawings for years. She dabbles, like all good artists do, trying to find her passion and matching that to her talent and combining both into the hard work necessary to truly evolve.

She’s only 16. She’s only recently begun to think seriously about her future and her talents. So it came as a shock when a drawing she did to experiment with henna designs and posted to Facebook drew attention and praise from a Florida-based artist named Beju, cofounder of Lejobart. The Youngest One’s dad, who as a talented guitarist has deep creative instincts of his own, connected The Youngest One to Beju, who was holding an art show benefit for endangered species. He noticed The Youngest One’s drawing and wanted it for his show.


The Youngest One insists it’s no big deal.

“I saw a picture of the giraffe and I wanted to draw it,” she says. “But I saw this girl that did Henna drawings and I wanted to make use of it for the giraffe.”

After the original artwork arrived he showed it to his partner and wrote back with these comments:

Also. I just showed it to Sherryl who came in really late last night. She saw a frog, I also see a frog but mainly a giraffe. Actually the frog I see is within the mouth of the giraffe, she sees it on top of the giraffe’s head. Basically there is so much to see in this piece it’s fascinating. Congratulations!

Like I said, we are all damn proud.

She may not admit that it was a big deal, but it did make an impression. Soon she was looking into schools like the San Francisco Academy of Art instead of college.

That’s one of the reasons art and creativity is so compelling. People see it in others and encourage them just as Beju did for our daughter. It makes a powerful impression. Encouragement is like that. It’s infectious and can be life-changing.

The Youngest One is creative, which seems so often the thing that gets most censored in many of us when we transition from children to adults. At one point she launched a new Twitter feed simply to encourage others, which helps explain why she had more than 700 followers in just a few days @lets_stay_true.

Art reflects the old soul nature of The Youngest One. She has three older siblings, all adults now with significant others and yet she fits in seamlessly. She’s mature and grows weary of high-school antics.

She is driven. She wants to be a successful actor. She’s auditioned for The Voice and wants to keep trying until she gets on the show. She wants to use her college experience to explore these talents and see where they take her, which in our opinion is exactly how to get the most out of college.

Sometimes she’s mature enough to think about “fall back plan” or studying something practical like “business.” But when you talk to her, you know her heart isn’t in business or a fall back plan for that matter. She’s an Effin Artist man. Where that will take her, we don’t know. But we know if she can figure out this young how to live her life within the river of her talent and passion, it will be a good life, indeed.


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