Fiction critique group forms with #SFWC2016 in mind

Perhaps one of the reasons the San Francisco Writers Conference was named as one of the top five in the country is the dividends that continue to pay for participants after the conference ends.

SFWC is organized by more than a hundred volunteers dedicated to the vibrant, artistic community that exists in San Francisco. But beyond that, few conferences have a literary agent as a leader who attends writer groups formed during the conference.

During the last SFWC, several of us took on Michael Larsen’s challenge to form a non-fiction writers critique group.

We came together with a precise goal of having a marketable product in time for the 2016 San Francisco Writers Conference. Larsen volunteered to attend the first group. He liked it so much he’s kept coming since.

It’s been invigorating, so much so that we want to start a similar group for fiction writers. Larsen was the first to join the group to offer his expertise and encouragement.

“This is what the conference is all about,” he said.

We have openings for five SF-based writers and two from afar who can join via Skype.

The format:

  • We will meet the second Sunday of each month from 4-6 p.m. in the financial district near the Embarcadero Bart stop.
  • Each month two writers receive an hour of focused feedback. They send out up to 25 pages prior to the meeting. Others are encouraged to give detailed edits in track changes that can be emailed after the group.
  • During the group discussion each participant gives a handful of bullet-point critiques.
  • Over the course of four months, each writer will cycle through for his or her feedback hour.
  • Over the course of the one-year commitment, each writer will receive three, in-depth, hours of diverse feedback to push their work to a deeper level.

If this commitment appeals to you, visit our contact page and drop us a line.  Include a brief overview of your work, interests and bio. You can learn more about my writing and editing at

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