Our body connects to mind’s creative work

Maybe the best part of being a writer is getting to know and at times work with other writers. They are a fascinated breed. I simply never stop learning when I connect with others committed to the craft of placing meaningful words on a page.

One such fellow writer, I met through her words on the page. More precisely, I observed her talent as the words sprang to life and told a story in my mind as clear as a movie on a screen. When I heard Susie Meserve read poetry more than a year ago, I knew I wanted her in our fledgling writer’s group. I reached out to her, and she agreed. She infused our group with her energy, talent, and expertise.

The great news is more people can connect with Susie just as we in the writing group did. She is offering a writing workshop this weekend, that you don’t want to miss. As I stated when I started this post, I never stop learning from writers. This workshop will be no exception, as Susie and her co-instructor, Pilates Trainer Sandra Stringer, will connect our physical experience to our creative experience. Called “Releasing Your Body, Releasing Your Story: A Movement and Writing Workshop for Writers,” this mind/body connection should help stir writers in new and impactful ways.

It’s not too late to sign up. If you live in the Bay Area,  write sandrakstringer@gmail.com to register. Here are the vitals:

When: Saturday March 19, 1- 3:45 p.m.
Where: Flying Studios, 4308 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
Cost: $75

If you go, I invite you to reply here and write more about what you learned.



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