Digital technology that matters in far off places

For two decades I have banged out a living at a keyboard, tapping words onto digital screens that turned into something of some value–at least enough value I earned my living from it.

With so much time spent starting at a keyboard, I’ve seen both the good and bad of what interconnectivity can bring to my life. I’m ever grateful for technology, and yet wary of its constant intrusion as well.

But today is one of those genuine “I heart tech” days. A project I have worked on for many months culminated this week in the release of a new digital platform for The Barefoot College, based in a rural outpost of India.

Everywhere we turn these days, online and off, the needs of a struggling humanity confront us. There are so many causes and so many campaigns it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff of what we can and should do to give to others in a meaningful way.

The Barefoot College is the wheat. I could start here and an hour from now I wouldn’t have exhausted all the reasons why this incredible organization astounds with its mission, effectiveness and philosophy toward empowering the rural poor all over the globe. Consider this: Barefoot Solutions address 14 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals for large-scale, sweeping, global impact.

I invite you to listen to a compelling TED talk by The Barefoot College Founder Bunker Roy by clicking here. It’s all it will take to convince you to join the Barefoot Family by subscribing to its newsletter, donating a few dollar and sharing their astounding work with your social media networks.

Based on Gandhian principles of human grace and dignity, the entire college was built by the poor for the poor. It values rural wisdom in concert with modern education. It employs technology in ways that enhance the life of the poor, not detract. The Barefoot Solutions that turn illiterate women into solar engineers and trains others to be doctors, entrepreneurs and teachers among many other professions, have sprung from the life of the community itself. From this one rural outpost, the organization is now reaching into Latin America, across Africa and into the Pacific Islands with its rare combination of infusing poor communities with hope and plan for growth while honoring its principles of human dignity in every instance.

I’m humbled and honored to have helped create this site by banging my fingers on a keyboard. Please visit our new site. Click over to the donate page (it’s a developmental work of wizardry that you’ll never know existed) and make a donation. $75 will train a poor woman to return to her village a leader, a teacher and a solar engineer.

This is the wheat of nonprofit work. I hope you’ll support it and become a part of the Barefoot Family.

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