The Point of EffinArtist


Twenty years of drinking were like falling through a funnel. Life narrowed. Interests narrowed. Creativity narrowed. Health narrowed. Everything so backed up that we could barely manage. We did nothing but work, stress-out, come home and drink. The only social things we could do were alcohol related. Until finally, my life poured out the small end completely broken and minimalized. Through rehab I actually had to start to rethink life so completely that I started from scratch. I started a list of things to do without drinking. I think I came up with three the first day. After a couple of weeks I had maybe 30. Then slowly the thing grew to 150 things to do without drinking. I could visualize life expanding again. And much of it had to do with my long buried creative, artistic mind that really brings me joy. So Effinartist represents expansive life, not narrowed life. Sober life, not addiction. Creation over destruction. Beauty over consumption. The bottle gives way to the canvas or some such thing, if that makes any sense. We just love the Effing process so much, which we never had time for before.

EFFin Artist is a community of friends. As The Bride and I write, we build this little space that we hope will feature many others and their creative moments as well. We just create stuff and sometimes just give it away. Join the fun. Chime in. Share your moments when you say, “I’m an Effin Artist, man!”


And to the greatest artist of them all…We celebrate Her painting across the sky.

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All those times we say, "I'm an EFFin Artist, man!" – www.effinartist.com

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All those times we say, "I'm an EFFin Artist, man!" - www.effinartist.com

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