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‘Vaccine-Friendly’ solution empowers parents

If you visit Jennifer Margulis’ Facebook page, you’ll catch on pretty quick that she pulls no punches. But you’ll also see the co-author of the just released book, The Vaccine-Friendly Plan: Dr. Paul’s Safe and Effective Approach to Immunity and Health from Pregnancy Through Your Child’s Teen Years, is a passionate defender of the human spirit.

For the next couple of days—time is running out, folks—Margulis and her co-author Dr. Paul Thomas are offering a parental toolkit packed with free gifts totaling more than $500. You buy it, tell ’em where you got it, and get back-end access to really cool freebies. Just click here for the free stuff.

Margulis has an impressive career as a writer and editor that includes her first book, Your Baby, Your Way, contributions to several other books, and published works on the country’s most significant newspapers and platforms. She’s a force, but one who promotes stories and truths that need to be told.

She calls this book one of the most important things she’s done with her life. Learn more about her accomplishments, and you’ll know this is no small thing.

Most importantly, she can write. Her clear style and detailed research permeate everything she does. She is a trusted guide but also one whose prose is easy to enjoy.

Parents would do well to consider this information. Despite the storm of controversy around vaccines, most of are woefully uninformed. It is far too easy to paint in broad strokes and labels (pro-vaccine, anti-vaccine) that lack utility.

The Vaccine-Friendly Plan is a cogent, readable discussion that offers information for informed decision making. Its strength is in this clarity and the expertise of Dr. Thomas, a leading vaccine expert.

This is a no-nonsense guide to making decisions about each vaccine and whether to get them, instead of blanket decisions that lack the nuance a parent should employ when it comes to their child’s health. Information is power. The Vaccine-Friendly Plan offers plenty of both.